What to Expect

welcomeGoing to a new place can be uncomfortable for some people; however, we at The Extra Mile, would love to make your First Time Visit a welcoming experience.
We have done our best to answer some of the common questions you may have before joining us on Sunday.

How long is the service?

Typically our Service last about an hour and twenty minutes, from 10 AM to 11:20 AM.

At 11:30 AM we have a time of Fellowship with Coffee and Snacks available free of charge.
From 11:55 AM to 1 PM, we reunite for the Sunday School with groups divided according to their ages.

How should I dress?

There is an outfit for every occasion. You do not wear a suit and tie to go to the beach, in the same way, you do not wear shorts to come to a place of Worship. You would not wear shorts and sandals to meet the Queen or the Prime Minister, would you? Be reasonable and you will be OK.

How is the Service at the Extra Mile?

We start with an opening prayer, have a time of Worship with music, a communal prayer, followed by the teaching from the Bible, and we close with a prayer giving thanks for those having a birthday on the week.

What about my kids?

It is important that the whole family come to worship the Lord together. We do have childcare available on site, and age related teachings for children, teenagers, youth, and adults.

How is the Reception at the Extra Mile?

When you enter you will be greeted by our Ushers, and if you have any question, they will be willing to help you.

Offering Collection.

During our service, we have a time where members and regular assistants bring their Tithes and Offerings, which are used to pay for the ongoing Ministry’s expenses. As our guest, please do not feel obligated to do it, and you should use your discretion whether or not to take part on the offering.

We Are Glad You Came to Visit Us.

Having you with us is a great privilege. We pray that you find the Extra Mile to be the place where you want to meet for worship, communion, and for service in God’s Kingdom.
We are a Place for People that Walks the Extra Mile, so, we hope you come and walk with us.

Thank you so much for your visit and God bless and keep you and your family.
The Extra Mile Toronto.