Marcos Falcon – The Extra Mile Toronto – Canada
Dear brothers and sisters.
I pray that you will open your spiritual ears to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to His church nowadays. “Revelation 2.7, 11, 17, 29″


Why Supporting Churches are so important in Church Planting?
we have seen over the years that if a church launches without strong supporting churches, it will struggle to survive in the long term.

Pray Participate Provide


How can you become our Prayer Partner?
In Church Planting, Prayer is the Backbone of everything.

The Extra Mile Baptist Church is located on 36 Margueretta Street in Downtown Toronto, a very busy and diverse neighbourhood.

Our prayer strategy is to walk around the neighbourhood and to pray for the houses, apartment buildings, schools, and business in our area, asking the Lord to touch their hearts and for Him to prepare the field to receive the seed of the Gospel of salvation in Jesus.

How can your Church join us in Prayer?
With today’s technology, you can prayer walk with us on a ‘Virtual Prayer Walk’ by using Google Street view. You can do it in your house, office, and church.

The Extra Mile Baptist Church is located on 36 Margueretta Street in Downtown Toronto.

With Google Street view, you can virtually walk around and pray for streets, homes, schools, and business in our area.

You and your church can adopt our neighbourhood (Little Portugal), one street (St Clarens Ave), or a single home in a given street, and pray for them.

Skype – We can arrange a time to pray together using Skype. Please add me in your contact list: falcao.londres

If the Partner Church and members wish, we can send a monthly updated list of prayer requests via e-mail.

When God touches your heart, you are more than welcome to come and physically do a Prayer Walk in the area the Lord called us to plant a new Southern Baptist Church.


How can you Participate in our Planting Effort?
In church planting, Partner’s People Participation is crucial.

How can your Church join us with People?
This is where the Partner Church get into action, placing their hands and feet to serve the Lord Almighty. Our prayer is: Come to Toronto and help us!

Go the Extra Mile and offer to the Lord one week of your work or school holiday to come and serve Him at the Extra Mile Baptist Church in Toronto.

You can come in a Church Group, as a family, or on your own.

What can you expect to do while visiting us?
Prayer walk, Door-to-door survey, outreach evangelism, tract distribution, Block Party, Sports Camp, Singing and Playing during worship. The goal is to share the message of salvation with those in need.

As a Partner Church, you can Participate with Us by sending People to help us.

Example: Summer Holiday Sports Camp – July 13-17
Arriving in Toronto on the 11th and Departing on the 18th. Send 15 people to help our Partner Church in Toronto to run a summer Camp as a way to reach people for contacts and sharing the Gospel. Accommodation will be provided in the houses of the local believers. You are responsible to pay for the air tickets, insurance, food, and local travel. Cost (Estimated) $600.00 per person.


In church planting, Provision is Love and Obedience at work.
How can You Provide for Us while We Plant a New Church in Toronto?
Toronto is one of the world’s expensive cities to live, and we need support in two areas: Planter’s Living Expenses, and Church Activities.

Planter’s Living Expenses

In a Family of three, the expenses are around $5.500 dollars per month. $2.000 for housing (rent and utilities). $1.600 for food. $1.200 for transportation (car, insurance, maintenance, gas, school). $700.00 (health, clothing, and family time).

Church Activities

To Plant a Church in Toronto we need $3.000 dollars per month. $2.000 (Monthly) to rent a Place of Worship (School, library, or a Church) to meet on Sundays. During the week, we will meet at Home Groups.  $1.000 (Monthly) for outreach, print and distribute tracts, mailing, website, and stationery.

Unrepeatable expenses: $6.000 for a Mobile Sound System (To set-up and set-down every Sunday). $1.500 for a High Definition Projector and Screen. (Set-up and set-down every Sunday).

My prayer is that you say ‘Amen’ to this vision and become a Partner with us to Plant dozens reproducible Southern Baptist Churches in Canada.
We will be honoured to have your congregation partnering with our team, with the aim to glorify God’s name in Canada.

Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Solus Christus, Soli Deo Gloria.

Thank you and God bless. Rev Marcos Falcon.
The Extra Mile Baptist Church – Toronto –

For more information in how to collaborate with us, please Contact
Pastor Falcon –  The Extra Mile Baptist Church. | Mobile Toronto – 1 647 608 5810

May the Lord bless and keep you.